Tuesday, 23 October 2012

When You Feel like Staying Home, Stay Home!

So I was thinking it would be nice to stay home the next day and work from home.

When I woke up the next morning, it was still very dark. I really wasn't in the mood to go out.  I got dressed anyway.  As I was walking to the bus stop,  my eyesight went foggy. I thought it was because of the fog outside, but my vision grew worse and I realised there was no way I was going into town in that condition.  I decided to return home.

On the way home, a woman smiled at me. Even though I could barely see her face, I was grateful for her love. I then saw another friend walking his dog and he walked part of the way with me and wished me well.

At home I relaxed and reminded myself that Love is right where I am. To distract me from the headache, I put the television on to watch some Star Trek The Next Generation. For a while it worked but then I started having a stomach upset and I was throwing up.  Fortunately, I was on my own as the last thing I needed was someone making a fuss over me.   I then went to lie down. While I was in bed I continued to thank Love for being present.

The headache and the stomach upset soon passed.  I ended up working from home.

When I went to the library today, they told me that if I had come in yesterday it would have been a wasted journey as their computers weren't working.

Note to Self - when you feel like staying home, stay home!


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