Thursday, 25 October 2012


On the bus, a lot of school kids cme on.  I noticed this particular woman sitting beside two kids.  I wondered if she was a teacher or one of the parents.

When the seat next to me was vacant, she moved and sat next to me.  I asked her where they were off to and she said to some museum in town. I asked her if she was a parent and she said yes.  She also said she was feeling cold and asked if I could shut the window.

As I was chatting to her, it occurred to me that she reminded me of a friend I haven't seen in ages. (My friend now lives in Ireland).   The only differences were the skin tone and eyes.  My friend has blue eyes and the woman had grey eyes.  My friend is a lot lighter than the woman.  Otherwise, she could have passed as my friend's twin.

Later, I emailed my friend to tell her about her doppelganger. 

She emailed me back to tell me she was coming to London for a few days and wondered if we could meet up.

I reckon I was picking up on my friend's intention which manifested as her doppelganger.


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