Friday, 21 September 2012

No Wonder!

Since I've been walking through the local park, I've made friends with this particular man who walks with his two dogs. I usually stop and chat to him and play with his dogs.

A while back, after I hadn't seen him for weeks, I kept wondering where he was. The next time I saw him, he only had one dog with him. He said me the other one (the mother) had passed away.

This morning, I met my friend again at the park. He told me his dog was still pining for his mother and he was thinking about getting another dog.  He also told me two months back he had a stroke.  He said he's now having problems with his eyesight which he's getting sorted out.

Now it makes sense why he was "missing" for all those weeks! That was the time he was sick. 

I'm glad  I wondered about him as he had to get better so he could answer my wondering.


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