Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Do You Live in a TV Drama or Love Story?

I heard recently in the news about a man who rescued two children in the sea but ended up drowning.

Why was the man's "good deed" not rewarded?

If that had happened in a TV soap or drama, it would have made a lot of sense.  You can't expect "happy ever after" in TV dramas.  The moment a character says "I am really happy" you can guarantee that they are going to experience some catastrophe in their life.  At least in TV soaps and drama we know the stories are not real.

We do not live in a TV drama...or do we?  From the stories that are published in the mainstream media, you would think we did what with all the stories of disasters, freak accidents, wars, etc.

There are those who are going to argue that people caught up in disasters and accidents choose to be in those experiences because it is their time to go and explore "higher dimensions."

Others believe that your "good deeds" will be rewarded in your next life or afterlife.

I don't accept the "time to go" or "rewarded in your next life or afterlife" theories. I think they are pure baloney!

I believe there are lots of thoughts/stories floating around.  Each of us has a choice.  You can either let your self be influenced by other people's thoughts (scripts) and beliefs of drama or you can take control and choose to live in a reality of your choosing. 

How do you take control?

What works for me is I constantly acknowledge Love-Light as the only Intelligence, Power, Presence, Source and Worker at all times. I then expect to experience evidence of Love in action.

I live in a reality of omnipresent Love.
Love has no beginning or ending.
In Love, there is infinite joy and infinite wonder.


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